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Honor Education transforms teaching and learning through collective engagement.

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Honor Education

Honor Education transforms teaching and learning through collective engagement.

Revolutionizing Education Through Collective Engagement

Honor envisions a world in which all people, regardless of their circumstance, have access to a learning environment that fosters creative and critical thinking, community, and citizenry.

Honor Education is a teaching and learning platform with a suite of tools that delivers transformational education for colleges, universities, and corporations.

Navigating Complex Remittance Landscapes

Their business model entails collecting payments from educational institutions and remitting a per course fee to course publishers, presenting a complex remittance challenge.

Opting for Tabs Over Native QuickBooks Solutions

While QuickBooks Online served as a solid general ledger for Honor Education, it fell short in supporting their complexB2B billing needs. Tabs addressed these challenges with its:

  • Contract Ingestion: Automatically capturing key contract terms, ensuring no details were overlooked.
  • Invoice Scheduling: Automating invoice schedules from contract terms, reducing manual effort and ensuring timely invoicing.
  • Dynamic Billing: Aligning invoice amounts with usage data, invaluable for Honor Education’s per course fee model.
  • Specialized Reconciliation: Tailored for B2B complex contract billing, making remittance to course publishers seamless. Efficiency Boost: Eliminating manual invoice creation, streamlining workflow.
  • Faster Collections: Ensuring accurate and timely invoicing for quicker payments.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: Adapting to Honor Education’s evolving needs without major overhauls, supporting their growth seamlessly.

tabs not only automated Honor Education’s contract-to-cash workflow but also provided a solution well-suited to handle the intricacies of their B2B billing and remittance needs.

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